Sunday, January 20, 2008


Thank heavens for friends. Just when I was becoming almost totally overwhelmed by the boxes and mess around my house from this move from hell, two of my girlfriends came over to help. Yesterday my friend worked me like a loaned-out mule and we got every room organized. That's right, I am officially no longer tripping over boxes, I found the space to mop the floor, and we organized all the pictures to be hung today. Today, another friend came over and we hung pictures. Tonight, I am exhausted.

But I still made time for a meeting. Tonight's speaker was celebrating her 13th birthday and had a simple but moving story. Her bottom was my top, but that just goes to show that it isn't the amount of substances we used, but the feelings those substances caused in us that makes us candidates for recovery.

I'm heading off to bed. Tomorrow is Martin Luther King day, and for me, I say, "Thank God almighty. Because of NA, I am truly free at last."


Pam said...

Now THOSE are true friends!
You sound good.

msb said...

Yey, glad your doing well. see you in a few weeks.

Shadow said...

well, well, well, you finally found your floor. good! heee heee heee

Syd said...

Glad to read your post. It's nice to have friends around who can help out and who do care.


Excellent! It's great to have friends who can help motivate and just push us to do some stuff, isn't it? More proof that we can do together what we could never do alone -- ;-)
Freedom indeed -- and it feels great!
(Did you just have a birthday, btw?)
Love to you.

msb said...

I'll be down Friday. I am so exciteded.