Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy birthday

Today is my natal birthday and I've had another great day. On Sunday, my brother threw me a birthday party with a bunch of my family's close friends and we had a great time. Only one brother couldn't come; the youngest brother came down from Seattle and stayed with me for a few days. Several of my friends called, e-mailed, and sent cards.

Today at work I was taken to lunch. It's nice, today, to feel special. I don't feel any older, but I know each day that ticks by I'm getting a little more "long in the tooth." Hopefully I'm getting a little smarter, too.

I am grateful to be alive and above ground, so until I blog again, have a great day.


Shadow said...


p.s. we all get wiser i like to believe, heee heee heee

anna said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! I'm glad you had a good time.

Syd said...

Happy Birthday! It is nice to have special things happen on a birthday. You are special.