Saturday, January 03, 2009

A new place to live

The moving boxes are out again, and 2dogs sit in the living room asking each other, "How far is it this time?" Relax, I tell them, it is only one mile. I am moving a mile from where we are now. The pics show you why. It is a great neighborhood that dead ends into desert preserve where Oz can hike and Romy can explore. (Her hiking days seem behind her now.)

These are some of the benefits of recovery. Today, people want me as a neighbor and I have good credit. I have been back in Arizona for a year and am comfortable in this neighborhood, so I am moving close by.

I am a little sad and overwhelmed today. I am trying to work through some of my own issues and have started the new year out by examining my own issues with food and how I manage my money. My friend in Hawaii sent me a beautiful journal and I am recording what I spend and what I eat. I have more peace in my life when these other areas are in balance, as well.

Tonight I will go to my home group at 5:30 then tomorrow a woman asked me to share at a meeting in the East Valley. Around birthday time, I seem to get a lot of invites to speak and that is great. However, I'm learning that maybe the issues I am still working through are my issues and not for sharing at the group level. I always say that NA is where I can tell my truth. So today I am pondering, baffled, a little confused, I guess, but I am always grateful for another day clean.<.>

Today I spoke at length with a woman I still sponsor in Missouri and love very much. She is going through some painful stuff and putting one foot in front of the other. In fact, she ended up, as she always does, by encouraging me.<.>

Well, I have boxes to pack, so 2dogs and I wish you a fine day and a happy New Year. I just wanted to share my good news. Please do me a favor and say a prayer that I sell my car, because I'm not getting many calls on it and that would help tremendously. Prayer is powerful!


An Irish Friend of Bill said...

Miss two dogs!, what an amazing place! Right next to the desert! I keep forgetting you live in Arizona. Desert country. New place looks fabulous.
Yes, food and money. I think we can all be a little bit better at those. It's kind of humbling when we see ourselves being heedless in the areas. You snooze, you lose. Seems to be true for me in just about all my affairs. Sadly. But yes, we all have room for improvement, so don't give yourself a hard time for being careless. I am in the process of losing weight I put on in December because I wasn't paying attention and thought it made no difference. More like I thought I could get away with it! Because I felt fine. Turns out the scales told me something quite different! So now it's time to lose it. Whatever. So what I'm saying is we all have our mountains to climb and our own weaknesses and blind spots, and there is not much point in giving ourselves a hard time about them.
By the way you do know that when you move anywhere, even if it's only a mile away, but it's still very stressful. So don't think that just because it's a mile that it is any less disturbing or more taxing for you, and allow yourself to feel slightly under the weather while the process of moving takes place. Because you're only human. You can only push yourself so far. And moving is actually very tiring, physically and mentally. So you're probably a little more sombre and reflective because of that. Nothing more.
As for the car, I hope you sell that soon, and I shall see what I can do with the man upstairs! Good luck with the move!

Shadow said...

car??? sold! and what a place for them 2dogs to go live in....

Gabriella Moonlight said...

You know I agree with Irish Friend moving is stressful no matter the length of the move. I wish you well with it and your new digs look fabulous.

Sounds like you're doing great though, you have awareness of what is going on and for me that has always been 1/2 the battle.

I will keep you and the car selling in my prayers.


Syd said...

I like the house. It looks great. And meetings are a place for the truth to start. Truth in life is what I'm striving for. I'm sure that the dogs will enjoy the new place.

Anonymous said...
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