Thursday, October 05, 2006

Another stunner

Check out this puppy!
Today was an errand day. I put new tires on the Camry, had the oil changed and filled the three hours by having a pedicure. The woman who did my pedicure was very nice but didn't speak much English. I had her pick the nail polish and when she got done, the color was too light and she could see by the look on my face I didn't much like it. She didn't have another customer so she said she'd go over the color with another one. "Darker," I told her.
She brought one back and it was too dark. She got another and it was just right (am I sounding like The Three Bears here?). So she proceeded to open the medium color and paste in on my right foot. I sort of zoned out as she finished the left foot. When she said she was done, I looked down and she had painted my right foot with the medium color and my left foot with the dark color. She noticed what she had done about the same time I did and she looked at me to see if I was mad. I started laughing. She ended up redoing my left foot to match my right and all was well.
I went to dinner with my new friend, Debbie. We had sushi at her boyfriend's favorite sushi restaurant (He's in Alaska delivering a dog.) Neither of us knew exactly where it was. She called him and he told her then she called me and I located it near 63 Avenue and Bell. I got there first and got a table. I was starving so I ordered a bowl of miso soup while I waited. My cell phone rang and she said she was outside. "I'm inside; I already have a table," I told her. I finished my soup and waited. She didn't appear. I got up and looked out; she was nowhere in sight.
My phone rang again and she asked me where I was. "Where are you?" I asked. She was at a different restaurant about three blocks away. I told her to wait, hung up and tried to pay for the soup. "I'm at the wrong restaurant," I told the waitress. She just laughed and waved me on my way. "No charge," she said.
I found her at the correct restaurant and we had assorted sushi and fantastic deep fried soft shell crab rolls which Deb pointed out were "better than sex."
"Much better," I replied.
I suggested she call her boyfriend and crunch a few bites on the phone then chant "Better than sex, better than sex." She declined, but we agreed that in the future, our code word if he was eating with us and we liked the food better than, well, sex, we'd just say "BTS."
I'm not sure if he leaves town again he'll let her go anywhere with me. I seem to bring out the worst in people.

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woof said...

Deep soft shelled crab rolls are BTS...never thought I would hear that....:)