Thursday, June 07, 2007

Welcome to my messy life

Why is it we get into relationships and suddenly the things we love about another person send us over the edge? Admittedly, I am a little overly obsessive about my dogs. But I've been that way for about 30 years, so it should come as no surprise to those who love me that:
  1. There is often dog hair lying about, despite my best efforts at sweeping every day. I don't think everyone would want to live this way, but I am okay with it.
  2. I don't go on spontaneous vacations anymore because I have to consider where I park the dogs, and believe me, not just anywhere will do.
  3. If I'm gone all day, I want to hang out with my dogs. Sometimes they want some attention, too.

These are three weird things about me I guess, the latest craze sweeping the blogosphere. Why is it that we don't so much get into relationships as take hostages? "Become like me!" seems to be the mantra.

Yes, my house might appear, at times, a zoo. It has been that way for a long while. My childhood was a zoo: You made allowances if the dogs got sick; the dogs ate the fence; my brothers brought the colt into the living room (as they did one Christmas eve); the dogs left hair all over the place; the cat ate the fish; the horse got colic and you had to stay up all night to walk it; or the dogs hung out on the couch. This is how I was raised and I'm completely comfortable with it. You know the old saying? "If nothing changes, nothing changes." If you don't want it to change, well, then, it definitely won't change.

This is my messy life.

Every day I'm above ground and sucking air, as my sponsor says, I am grateful. I plan to go through it one day at a time, usually with a lot of dog hair on my clothes. How about you?


Meg Moran said...

I wouldn't have it any other way....and I find myself drawn to people who are animal lovers too.

Check my blog today and offer up a prayer for Charlie-Mac. okay?

Anonymous said...

My dogs and my lone cat are totally a part of my life and family. I, too, was raised with animals. Although I can't say we ever had a colt in the house, we did have a lamb in the kitchen for a couple days -- does that count?
Animals, especially dogs, are like G-d to me. And hey, they come with hair. So what? I have a lot of lint roller around for my more picky friends.
As for me, everything looks better and tastes better with a little bit of animal hair!
P.S. I also agree with Meg. I am drawn to animal lovers and very suspicious of those who do not like them.

Syd said...

I'm comfortable where a house is lived in. My house is neat and orderly which is the way that I like it. I like having books and artwork around. And dog hair is okay with me. I have a bunch of dogs so if people don't like the dogs, then they don't come to visit. It's as simple as that.

msb said...

My grandmother used to have Charlie the lamb in the kitchen and didn't even seem to mind when he poo'd on the oriental rug in the living room. god forbid as a kid that I spilled even a crumb on it. And my Mother didn't care if the cats were on the kitchen table licking the plates after dinner. And she was so neuroticly clean she would spray lysol on the clean sheets when we changed the linen every week. But I really like the colt story. I say, Hoorey for dog hair.

lushgurl said...

Just substitute cat for dog and cat hair for dog hair and throw in a few feathers for the budgie, and you have my house! I am an animal lover too, they are a part of my family, and I forgive them much more that I would some humans...especially non-animal loving humans!