Friday, June 29, 2007


Remember me mentioning a few months ago a women in my home group that I'd gotten cross ways with and hadn't been able to straighten it out? Although I had sat down with her to see what I may have done to offend her, she just wouldn't talk to me except to say that she "didn't understand me." We were at an impasse.

A few weeks ago she broke a bone in her hip and within a few days she learned she had terminal bone cancer. It really hit me hard, partly because I didn't feel like I could support her in her illness like she did for me due to this distance between us. I had mulled about the relationship for months. I had gone to visit her in the hospital, but still felt that distance between us and felt uncomfortable and sensitive to anything she said.

Last night I was reading one of Catherine Ponder's books, The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity. In it she talked about the concept of release, and it hit me squarely. In it, she talked about the power of release and giving things, truly giving them to God by saying "I release this situation to you, God." She also discussed the importance of not talking about negative issues, stewing over them like I had been doing for months with this particular issue.

I had made my amends to her for whatever it was I did, I still don't know, but I hadn't released the situation. I was still talking about it with a few trusted friends, mulling it over, wondering if I had somehow again offended her the last two times I've visited her. I hadn't released the relationship to God's care.

Last night, I did just that. I released her, with love, to my loving Higher Power. My heart changed, and so did my mind. I no longer need to to relive (the root word of resentment) the situation, wondering what I did, how I can make it better, etc. It's over. Like a bright blue balloon, it floated away to God's care.

Sure enough, when I got home tonight there was a message from her on my phone asking me to call her. She loved the home-grown flowers I'd taken to her. She went on in the message about how fragrant they were and how she hadn't had the time to properly thank me. I released her to God and God did the rest.

Tomorrow I'll call her and I know--things between us will be good. I learned something so powerful. It's the power of release. That was the lesson in all this, I believe.

Until tomorrow, have a wonderful day.


Pam said...

That was a great post! Thanks.

msb said...

SO glad to hear this.

Meg Moran said...

and the walls come tumbling down...what a great post.

Syd said...

Sometimes things are within us that we just translate to others through body language and not words. By releasing her, you released all the tension and actually just let things be. It's wonderful when people catch that feeling and let themselves just be also.

Anonymous said...


Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

Thanks for the lessons, N. Really love this post. It's a great lesson for me too about released!

Have a great day!