Friday, October 26, 2007

Dinner tonight?

A good friend of mine (I used to sponsor her) had a baby last week, as I mentioned on my blog. I was watching a show half heartedly yesterday as I worked, which was on post-partum depression. I didn't realize how severe this can be.

Many of us, from years of fiddling around with our brains, have damaged our mood patterns, at least that is my opinion. So it wouldn't surprise me that with all the hormones of pregnancy then childbirth and its stressors (she's breastfeeding so she's up every two hours), that my friend would be a bit freaked out. Another thing, her mother lives in another country and she isn't in touch with her, so she doesn't really have a nuclear family to help.

So my friend Lisa and I are taking over dinner for the family tonight. It's an easy dinner: chili, my world famous (the dogs think so, anyway) zucchini bread , and a salad. My friend Lisa is making cornbread so we'll have fun seeing the baby, eating, and having a few laughs.

I am also making time to call her every few days just to check on her: not so much to be a bother, but enough to let her know we care.

Until I blog again, I just wanted to share how good it feels today to think of someone beside me! I may not be much, but I'm all I usually think about!


anna said...

Your meal sounds deelish!

Syd said...

I can only imagine what it must be like to have long-term depression. It is debilitating for me to be in a dark place in my mind for just a couple of hours. What must it be like to be that way for months?

Shadow said...

it's very rewarding to help a friend! you're a good friend!!!

A Tampa Realtor said...

That is so nice of you to take the time and check up on her. My brother's wife just gave birth as well, I understand how stressful those times can be!

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

Ah bless. thats very sweet of you. You are a good friend. and the chilli sounds DANG fine too!!!