Monday, February 23, 2009


A friend of mine lost her job the other day. She has many years in recovery, and she is now, as she says, having to practice what she preaches. She said she told her sponslings over the years, "Don't write the end of the story before you know the end of the story." She is now having to follow that advice.

Too often when things get tough, I believe the worst. I catastrophize and imagine the worst. It is tempting, when I get into drama about the situation (which I think is a trifle inevitable in the big events like job loss) to only see a terrible outcome. It is hard to look beyond the crisis.

Acceptance is a process; it doesn't always come overnight. But if I don't write the end of the story, then I can surrender and let God write the ending. Inevitably, it is better than anything I could have imagined.

In these tough economic times, we are seeing many members deeply impacted financially. It is important that I remain calm and grateful and if tough times hit, I let God write the ending.

Until I blog again, take care.


vicariousrising said...

Excellent post. I tend towards optimism, but my husband is the opposite. In these times, I think it's good to have both one foot on the ground and hope in the heart.

Shadow said...

wow, words i needed to hear today... not to write my own ending.

Syd said...

These are tough times. I am glad that your friend has the program and practices recovery.