Sunday, February 08, 2009


I know, isn't this just too cute? Not much happening here. It is raining, which in Arizona is almost always good news. It is so dry that we welcome any rain. Where I live now most plants are desert dwelling and require very little water, but plants seem to thrive after a rain.

At work last week almost 20 percent of my coworkers were laid off. It was very tense and stressful to watch people, some who had worked there for almost 30 years, carry out their boxes. They received no severance, no notice, nothing but a cart to take their boxes to their car. It is frightening and although the division where I work is unscathed in this round, there is more to come.

I talked to one of the women who was cut after many years, and she brushed away my concern. "God is good," she said. "And bigger," I added. She believes God has something better in store for her and I know she is right. Everything that has happened to me in recovery that I classified as "bad" at the time has ultimately worked out for the better.

In my life, I have walked through many things clean, but never financial problems in the nation of this magnitude. It is hard not to be concerned when I watch the news and surf some of the financial sites I read as part of my work. It is scary, but I remind myself: "God is bigger."

Here is what I do when I feel bad, as I did Thursday night. I get off the couch or shut down the computer and go to a meeting. It has worked for me for 24 years and it keeps working.

I have been here a little over a year now and I am happy in the Southwest. Mild feelings of panic start sometimes over the economy and feeling tied down here because I do own a house that, in this market, would probably not sell quickly. But I know that God has a plan and for now, it is for me to be here, at home, in Arizona.

I only have to step onto my patio in this beautiful rain to know: God hasn't brought me this far to drop me on my head.

If you are struggling, struggle on. It is definitely worth the price.


Shadow said...

hey! brilliant plan for when you feel bad... and that pup! consider it sponsored!!!!!

Linda S. Socha said...

This is such a great post. I am not a recovering alcoholic but I am recovering from life some days!

Love your blog. Appreciate your writing skill and your style

This economic thing is something I work at not giving up to the thinking woes of grim life possible.

Whenever it crosses my mind, more frequently these days I admit, I pull out my pad and pencil and work on options of budget adjustment and resorting priorities and of what service I can be if needed.

I have worked out monthly savings of about 300.00 so far! All is well until it is not.

Stop by Psyche Connetions and say hello. I enjoy exchanging blog links with thinkers of like mind if you have an interest

Syd said...

Great words today. I like the optimism. Thanks for sharing this.