Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another few tragedies among winners

A gal I sponsored in Missouri woke up next to her husband, who was dead. He was 37. She is staying clean and walking through the pain. The day after he died, a young couple with about two years clean who called to tell me about her tragedy woke up to find their 17 year-old son dead in bed from an overdose. They are staying clean.

When I was coming back to Arizona to try to get my liver transplant, I met with my young sponsee before I left and told her that when "it gets hard, and it will get hard," she will have to walk through it. It has gotten hard for her and despite her initial response, which was to say "Screw this," she stayed clean and buried her husband and did the right thing to be there for her children. They need her.

Life is hard. We go through so many adversities. To those of us who, for so many years, chose to use rather than face life on life's terms, walking through the difficult times isn't easy.

There is no way around the pain; the only way around it is through it. I hope, no matter what life throws at me, I can continue, one day at a time, to stay clean and be present for both life's disasters and the joy.

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An Irish Friend of Bill said...

My blog feed hasn't been notifying me of your new posts, so I have not been keeping up to date with your more recent posts. I thought you had stopped posting.
I hope all is well. now I'm annoyed that I missed you are opposed as it deems like you have posted for a while now.
here is a young lady blogger who could do with a few friendly words if you have the time. her name is NOS.
thanks for sharing those stories. powerful stuff. I hope life is treating you well and look forward to reading your posts again soon. :)