Friday, October 22, 2010

My Romy is gone

I haven't posted in awhile. There is so much happening in my life, but the most difficult is that my beloved Romy went to be with Dallas and my parents. It has been several months and I still can't stop crying when I think of her.

She didn't suffer hardly at all. She was playing with Oz when her front leg broke, probably from bone cancer. She was brave right until the end. On three legs, she marched up the ramp into the truck.

It made me realize how she was the center of my life. There just wasn't much room for anything else.

Oz is doing well, although I think he misses her. He is even more affectionate now.

I hope you are all doing well. I'm hoping soon I can make the blog public again, but for now, I'll keep it private and hope you still check back from time to time.

Hugs and happiness.

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An Irish Friend of Bill said...

Soooo sorry to hear about Romy Blesser
Hope you are well nonetheless and nice to see you posting again :)