Friday, July 12, 2013

Six weird things about Romy

Everyone's into this "Six Weird Things" deal and I'm noticing animals are getting tagged a lot. So here's my former dog Romy's list. I swear they're all true.
  1. Before I got her as a semi-rescue, Romy spent virtually all of her first six months in a crate.
  2. Romy could open the refrigerator, even when it was bungeed shut. One time after studying for several days how I got in the refrigerator (by removing the bungee from a high cupboard, she pushed the refrigerator with her shoulder to loosen the bungee cord, then raided the refrigerator anyway.)
  3. Romy could open about anything, including the stove storage drawer if she saw me put something in the oven. I finally figured out she was pulling the towel hung over the handle to open it. Remove the towel? No problem, I'll just use my teeth on the handle. 
  4. Romy was only affectionate in the morning, unlike me. I hate the mornings.
  5. Romy often slept in the fireplace. She started that one summer (it was her den).
  6. Romy spoke German, not Czech, although she was more Czech than German.
I have Romy's ashes in a shrine I made after she died. I never really have gotten over her loss. Sometimes I think about her waiting for me in heaven. Maybe I'm crazy. Who knows?

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