Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Landmark natal birthday

I just had a natal birthday, a big one I'm trying to ignore. I know a lot of women are proud of their age, but I prefer to keep a bit quiet about my age. I had a great day up north with a friend or two and went out to dinner with another friend.

Life today is good. I'm picking my husband up at the airport tonight while wearing my new, 24-hour heart monitor. I'm sure he'll ask what it's for. I'm going to point to the 'event' button and tell him if he doesn't agree to a few remodeling changes around the house, I'm going to detonate the thing and blow us both up. I learned that negotiation tip in a slightly different form from my mother. It involved new carpeting. A long story, so I'll end here.

Have a great day. It's already in the upper 80s here; too hot for February.

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An Irish Friend of Bill said...

hello nice to see you again here:) yeah I'm very low key with birthdays as well.. I hope yours was alright..the big ones are tricky as everyone expects a do of some sort..