Friday, February 23, 2007

I can't believe I ate the WHOLE thing!

While some get back in the saddle, Romy has a penchant for getting back in the refrigerator. As you may recall, she is very smart and has a zest for raiding the refrigerator. For weeks, as long as I remember to put the bungee cord I rigged from the frig door handles to the cupboard door handle above, she hasn't gotten the door open.

From time to time, I'd come in the kitchen and notice her looking at the bungee cord hook-up, studying it, I've now realized. On Tuesday, after a haul to the grocery store where she watched me carefully put into the refrigerator two pot roasts and two chicken breasts, her plan was in place.

I left and hooked up the bungee before I left. When I returned, I opened the kitchen door to a mess. She had used her 85 pounds to her advantage and pushed on the right side of the refrigerator to move it about 6 inches so that the bungee cord loosened and she was able to get the door open with her paw.

She ate all the meat that was in plus a bit of other stuff (she particularly likes butter!). My boyfriend is a bit frustrated with her to say the least since she had just chewed the plastic kiddie locks off the cabinet below the sink where I store the garbage. We both just stood there and looked at her. She was hanging on the sofa. She didn't come to the door to greet us because she knew she'd been a BAD DOG!

Well, she's been sick now for two days and we're obviously going to have to put a door up to keep her out of the kitchen. No matter what we do, she outsmarts us. What can I say??
I've been really busy with school, writing a few articles for a publication on obesity in the workplace (sounds exciting, doesn't it?) and handling service commitments. Tomorrow at the women's meeting we're celebrated my and one of my sponslings' natal birthdays.
I am going to get some exercise this weekend and relax! Until tomorrow, have a great day.


Pam said...

that was a great post........and makes me feel so much better about my dogs antics!!!!

SCoUt said...

Romy, haven't you heard Mom say, "one is too many and a thousand is never enough?" If you are gonna raid the fridge, sweet dog, do it a bit at a time! Oh, you tried that and can't stop?? NOW, I get it!
Romy is one of us!!!

Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

Bad smart dog.

Meg Moran said...

there is so much to say about this!
in the first place it is flat ass amazing. Then there is the fact that you may want to get it on film...theres big bucks for animal videos ya know! Also...she has an extrordinary ability to process and problem solve, you need to challenge her further! Lets see what shes really capable of. And finally, concurrent to all this you are writing an article about obesity in the workplace? How ironic is that? Your dog (although not obese) is the mother of all food addicts. Yikes!!

Sober @ Sundown said...

OMG! She is too funny. I look forward to reading about how you solved the problem.