Monday, February 12, 2007

Overheard in Missouri

Taking a cue from, which is often totally gross, I'm going to start a new feature occasionally, Overheard in Missouri.

Here's an excerpt from yesterday on Overheard in New York (edited for profanity).

Sometimes He Even Gets a Bear Claw

15-year-old boy #1: So, like, I know they used whales for, like, their blubber and s---, but I thought there was something else they killed 'em for.
15-year-old boy #2: Dumbass. They kill whales for their tusks, everybody knows that!
15-year-old boy #1: Oh, right... But I thought that's what elephants were for.
15-year-old boy #2: Nope. Their ears.
15-year-old boy #1, baffled: Their ears?
15-year-old boy #2: Yep, my dad goes down to the bakery every Sunday and gets an elephant ear and a coffee. I swear.
15-year-old boy #1: That's some f----up s--!
Hey, readers, these kids will be paying our social security soon -- NOT!
My first quote is from a Black sociology professor (and minister) when asked this question: "You've lived here thirty years, Dr. . . . Do you think in the last thirty years in Missouri, you have seen prejudice improve?"

His answer, after a pause, "No."

That's a pretty sad statement, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Very sad statement.
When will we learn?

Meg Moran said...

my answer, after a pause, yep.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment :)
I like your blog...

That is a great idea – noting overheard conversations can be incredibly entertaining.

I had a buddy that worked third shift with me a while back that would keep a mini tape recorder in his back pocket just to record the incidental, often entertaining conversations he would overhear.
The best material often came from middle-of-the-night stops at the 7-eleven and gas stations. :p

It's an interesting world full of interesting people.