Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The 1st Step

You can do it! Try again!

Most addicts agree--the first step is the most important one we do, because without it, we are destined to reinvestigate our powerlessness.
I'm back in Arizona and very grateful to be here, but missing my friends in Missouri.

I have grave misgivings about keeping my blog since some anonymous twit is using it to try to hurt people I care for. So I'm not sure how much longer I'll be blogging, but in the meantime, I am doing well and am glad to hear from those of you who have long supported my blog.

Until I blog again, take that first step seriously. It's a big one!


Shadow said...

glad the move is over for you. i hope arizona brings you lots and lots of happiness!!!!

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

if you're referring to the troll who slags off aa, I think he says the same ole sh*te on EVERYONES blog.
so im not sure it makes that much difference.
i hope you carry on blogging as i enjoy reading what you have to say..

molly said...

I moved to comment moderation only because of one strange fellow (or gal - not sure).. hope you'll continue coming back.. us "newbies" need you "old-timers" around, in case you were wondering. And I ESPECIALLY hate to see a fellow DOG lover go anywhere ya know?! We dog loving recovering folk have to stick together :)

bless ya,
molly :)

anna said...

Keep coming back!

Shadow said...

woof woof wag wag woof.... (happy new year to you)