Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Arizona here I come

With some mixed feelings, of course, I am heading back to Arizona. I was offered a job that will allow me to keep doing some of my other work and with great benefits. I'm just tired of the struggle of health insurance hassles and this just fell into my lap, practically. So, about the 20th I'm heading out.

I haven't had time to blog with finals and packing, but hopefully once I get there, I'll have more to talk about. I'm looking forward to see Ms. Barbara and all my old NA friends, who are excited about my return, or so they say.

Two dogs are getting anxious. They seem to know something's up. Maybe it's all the moving boxes? Until later, take care. It's all good.


Shadow said...

once upon a time i had a cat. whenever i packed a bag or box, she'd lie in it. i'd have to remove her to carry on packing, just to turn around and there she was again, in the bag... they know! they just want to make sure you take them with you! good luck with the move!

msb said...

I hear the train a comen' Yahooo

twodogsblogging said...

Love you too, Barb! Yahoo!

marie said...

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