Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Romy's big adventure

While I was in Mexico over taking a three-day weekend with some coworkers, my roommate baby sat the dogs. When we were driving back on Monday afternoon, I called him to get a dog status. "I have bad news," he said. "Romy got out."

"What do you mean 'got out'?" I asked him. Apparently he left the door ajar and she escaped. He said he spent the whole weekend looking for her posting signs, and went to the pound, but she was gone.

I hung up on him at that point before I lost it and my coworkers told me to take some deep breaths because, of course, I was imagining the worst. This is a dog who has never been around cars and I live in a very busy area of town.

A few minutes later, my phone rang (in Rocky Point I had no cell service). It was a woman who ran a German shepherd/Malinois rescue. Her neighbor had found Romy the night she escaped (Friday) and had taken Romy to her. They had been trying to call me without success. Romy was safe.

Needless to say, I was so grateful. As soon as I got to Phoenix I went to her house and picked up Ms. Romy, who was ecstatic to see me. They had 20 rescue dogs and Romy spent the weekend mostly on the bed and couch, they said. She got along fine with all the dogs.

So the long and short of it is my roommate never apologized, only complained about how it ruined his weekend to have to look for her. I have been over this door thing with him many times, so I'm going to ask him to move. It isn't worth it to me to lose a dog over his ignorance and self centeredness. It's only Grace that she wasn't killed, because she was found on a four-lane street at night.

I had a ton of fun in Mexico, but boy, can my coworkers drink like fish. I don't think I'll be going back down anytime soon. The two of us who didn't drink spent most of our time mediating stupid behavior.

So until I blog again, take care.


Shadow said...

wheew. i'm so glad this story had a happy ending!

Syd said...

Glad that Romy is okay. I double check all my gates and have an extra safety area (like at dog parks) just in case. I totally understand your feelings of panic.

Akannie said...

Glad Romy is safe and sound.

Maybe she just needed a vacation too! :D

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

glad doggie is well!

Anonymous said...

please help me.

i abuse alcohol.

i have since i was 15 years old.

my husband is not supportive, but i simply can NOT leave. (i love him, he loves me, we live in a foreign country, we have small children.)

i need inspiration. i need hope. there is no AA where i am. i need to believe i can pull this together some other way.

msb said...

I am so glad you found Romy. I'm sorry I couldn't come down. I hate work. It so interferes with what I'd rather be doing.