Thursday, July 27, 2006

Gumballs lead to eight balls

Police in Elliot City, Maryland, confiscated a bag of smiley-faced marijuana gumballs from three 17-year olds. The instructions on the wrapper instructed those so inclined to chew for thirty minutes to one hour before they wanted a high and then after chewing, to swallow.

As if our Federal law enforcement didn't have better things to do, the Drug Enforcement Administration is reportedly all over this latest grave peril to democracy. I'm really glad our nation's 17-year olds continue to keep the Feds on their toes since they're having such a hard time in so many areas, such as finding Jimmy Hoffa's body (a real priority) or their [asses] Arab terrorist targets with both hands.

I'm not saying one more word. I think the above graphic says it all.

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