Friday, July 14, 2006

There's no need to fear

Wonderdog is here! Oz is still in Arizona for another month, getting ready for the first leg in his Schutzhund title. But right now, he's a hero.

He was at the training field with my friend Pat, her friend Mary Beth and two puppies left at Pat's for training. Oz was on a long down stay when a coyote came in toward Oz, bowed down to him as if asking him to play, then took off. Oz took the bait, as would any red-blooded dog with high prey drive. Pat immediately called him back, and although he was in hot pursuit (which was appropriate because they were training at the Prescott Valley Police Department), he turned around and headed back to where Pat and Mary Beth were standing.

As Oz ran back toward them from quite a distance, two other coyotes swooped in from behind Pat to grab the puppies. The first coyote was a decoy, meant to lure away the pack leader, Oz, so that they could eat the puppies.

Oz immediately took off and the two other coyotes ran away. In Native American legend, the coyote is known as the "trickster." Coyotes smart; Oz smarter. Just another reason he's my hero.


msb said...

Way to go Oz. Bravo Bravo

anirudh said...

awesome blog..awesome refreshing..and so different from the regular bloggers..ill mak eit a point to come here each tiem a nu post is dun