Sunday, November 19, 2006

I love program functions!

Last night my home group held its monthly potluck. A few of our members were out of town (one was in New York singing at Carnegie Hall! How's that for a miracle from where she came?). Each month someone volunteers, usually months in advance, to fix the main dish and we all bring side dishes. Last night one of our newer members made chili. Not too sure that he knew what he was doing, one of our female members went in three hours early to help him.

There was a nursing student who arrived, sent there by her instructor to sample what AA has to offer. They usually arrive twice and year and we welcome them, because, of course, they want to spread the message when they see someone who is hospitalized and in need of our help. A few of our members sat with her and patiently answered her questions about the program and shared about themselves. I always love watching the way we greet the professional community, with such warmth and respect.

Today Mary's Home, a small group near us with a lot of long-term sobriety, is hosting its annual potluck. People will come from miles around to support the group, but more, to see friends that you sometimes only see at the holidays.

New Years Eve we're holding a speaker meeting and dance. Last year's didn't go so well because, unlike any program function I've ever been to, they didn't have a speaker. So instead of complaining, I got on the committee this year to help. We're having a speaker, an Alanon, and we hope an Alateen speaker as well. We think, because we're really promoting unity, attendance will probably well exceed last year's.

I don't know how it is in your area, but when I got clean in Phoenix, I lived for the functions, the dances, the conventions and the Unity days. Each night, in my first few years, I was lucky enough to go to coffee shops in Phoenix after the meetings where we'd sit until 2 or 3 a.m. drinking coffee and telling really bad jokes. I'm not sure that I could have made it without the support I received from my fellow members, some of whom should have been home sleeping because they had jobs.

The first thing I noticed when I moved here is that after the meeting, no one hung out, they just went home. I'm not sure why, but that's how it goes here. I think it's kind of bad for the newcomer, but some of them seem to make it anyway.

Well, that's all for today. I have two casseroles to bake and two dogs to walk. Guess which I like better? Until tomorrow, party on. Clean and sober, that is. That way you can remember who you talked to.


SCoUt said...

No one goes out here either -- except us. Not sure what's up with that whole deal. Someone mentioned us at his b-day celebration last week and commented to the group that we are always together. He said, "Remember when we used to go places togehter? Remember when we used to DO things together?"
I felt sad for him somehow. He's lonely I think.
Can I have some hotdish? That's MN for caserole, by the way....

A Tampa Realtor said...

Down here in Tampa, there is usually a crowd of anywhere from 5 - 20 of us that go out after meetings for dinner... or of course starbucks. But what I meant to say is that I really enjoy AA functions as well, and also enjoy meetings that have more of a celebratory feeling to them. Like because it is thanksgiving this week, we decorated our Saturday Night Fever meeting. It was fun, joyous and free!