Thursday, November 09, 2006

They didn't know when to quit

"I think of the loneliness, the greed, the overwhelming arrogance of this administration and its stupidity, not knowing when to quit. They've won the game. Ninety-five percent of the pie is theirs; but they want a hundred. And that's where they flopped it up: they didn't know when to quit."
Studs Terkel, from an interview in the November Sun Magazine

The elections are over, thank God. It's been, overall, one of the ugliest elections I can remember. The first election I can remember ever rejoicing over was the Clinton election. I was raised by Republicans, at least my father was a staunch one. My mother, as a Catholic, often wanted to vote her conscience, but I think my father's opinions overpowered hers. So my childhood was steeped in Goldwater, who now looks like a liberal in comparison with the neo-cons of today and the Republicans who pander to the golden cloak of the Christian right when it suits them. Later, Reagan was the family icon, although I always walked to a different beat.

So the Clinton election was the first election where I felt like my voice was heard. And after last Tuesday's election, too, I was glad. However, we can't forget that the Democrats didn't win the election; the Republicans lost it. So unless the Democrats can return to their roots, which to me is rooted in social justice, then we will be no better than what we have just defeated.

I wish I could print this in its entirety, but there is a link I'd like you to take time to read. It's by the respected journalist and social commentator Bill Moyers. He articulates so beautifully and with such great detail the path our country is on, if those in power would just admit it. But of course, as defenders of their status quo, they will not. If you think the trait of denial is strong in addicts and alcoholics, try cracking it in the very rich.

Please read it. I'm mailing a copy of this to my conservative friends and asking them, as they often ask me of their rhetoric, to read it. It begins with education; covers deficit spending (our fiscally conservative Republicans are spending like drunken sailors); covers the concentration of wealth and its impact on us; touches on the reality of our tax system that targets the poor and middle income, letting the rich continue to get richer; and circles back to the need for a true education about politics in our schools. Take a few minutes out of your life and see what Bill Moyers has to say about the direction in which America strides. If it doesn't scare you, and if you haven't thought about this yourself in one form or another, then this blog probably isn't for you.

When I drank and used, my world was limited and I was, as one of my friend's sponsor told him after he did his fourth step, a "public nuisance." Today I owe society a greater debt. I took for a number of years and I owe more than I took. There is interest due on the cost of the years of my addiction. Maybe that's why God kept me alive.

I think, if we keep voting our conscience and hectoring our appointed officials, and make a difference, albeit even a small one, in our communities, then we can do great things. If we don't all try, we as a nation are truly doomed.


postpaleo said...

Howdy /smile,

I've been looking at this current politcal "thing" for a while now. If even for a brief moment of your time, maybe while shaving, ask yourself if this was an election or a revolution. I'm still leaning to the revolution side, but still thinking. Malcom X said, the revolution will not be brought to you by coca cola, this one was. One of my reasoning for this belief is, everyone running for office and even some that weren't changed tactics and jumped on the public outrage. I don't believe the talking heads got it (David Gegens got close and I don't really expect an answer back from him), they still were and are looking at the parts and not the whole. The question to me is, the revolution was won 2 or months before Tuesday, did it suceed? History will judge. I do believe it very important, if my premise is true, that it be spoken aloud. Now we must wait for the power grabs and see what they really do with it. Even if it goes against my views. I'll try and use Tom Paine as my guide when I examine their work. The people have done it before and we the people can do it again. Did they get the real message?

As to your link, I give you this /grin
"there are lies, damned lies and statistics" Benjimin Desreali

Your statement relating addictiion and drinking to power/money is dead on. What is bothering me is rehab and other related things are being tossed around, liberal blogs are defending gays and at the same time bashing them, it amazes me yet, as if they have no meaning. Calling it a cop out, well in some instances this appears to be true, but I'm not going to be the judge, I refuse to be the judge. However (/grin) if indeed this addiction and it comes in many colors, power, money, drugs, booze and more infests many in our system. Hang on for sec, aren't they driving the ship of state?

(/laugh) I'm still trying to teach myself the lesson of disapline in writing, so far not so good, but I'm making head way and I refuse to use spell check and too lazy to look the word up, even when I know it's misspelled. That I can write at all is fairly recent and my next task is to read a book, bought it today and I will do this. "Peter Pan" is my choice, me thinks me smells something meaty here.

But I do wish to share this with you. Back when I was an archeo-whore. Yes I got paid to do something I would have done for free. I was asked to sit in council with a large gathering of Native Americans. On a break I spoke to a man and these are roughly his words... When we deal with (Native American)deal with their addiction, they are to understand, that their mental growth as been stunted. They then leave them to the elders whose job it is to then grow them from childhood. I'm pretty sure other things get involved, but time was short when we spoke. Back to me, well I know how old I am in years, but still have no idea how old I am mentaly. But does it matter? As long as we continue to grow?

Been hanging out at
not sure yet if I'll stay long, if I think I'm doing more harm then good, I'll be history. Anyhoo, I talk to much, but a pleasure to meet someone that is interested in politics.

Two Dogs Blogging, great name.


SCoUt said...

"If we don't all try, we as a nation are truly doomed."
Isn't that the truth.
Going to the link to read Bill now. Love him.