Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Letter from my donor family

At the year anniversary of my transplant, I wrote to the donor family to thank them for their courageous donation. It was especially difficult to know what to say because my donor was only six years old. Today I received an answer from the family.

The family simply thanked me for writing. They told me that their daughter was so sweet and loving that they took many pictures of her and wanted me to have one. She is a very beautiful little girl and all I can think at this moment is that I have to live a good life to bring credit to this gift.

I am so grateful, both for the gift of recovery and for the gift from this loving and brave family. Please remember them, and their daughter, L.A. in your prayers. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

bless their cottons! Hey hope you have a thouroughly relaxing long weekend and the food is fabulous!

Deb said...

Thanks for sharing your gratitude. I will keep you all in my prayers.