Sunday, July 08, 2007

Control freaks unite!

"Knock knock."

"Who's there?"

"Now YOU say 'control freak'!"

I heard this at my women's meeting today and only two of us got it. I completely roared laughing. The others looked at us like we were crazy and we had to explain it. I guess I qualify.

I went to Alanon last night and the message, although I haven't been in years, is still the same. Let go and work your own program.

Then this morning one of our women who isn't an addict but comes to meetings anyway (boy, has this generated some meetings snapping shut!) talked about her control issues. She said that her husband was putting together some paperwork and she had to resist the urge to stop heading out the door to work to "help" him although he was totally capable, she said.

She said she realized that what he was doing "did not require my assistance." I was thinking that when I get ready to stick my nose into someone's business, the way they're doing things or not doing them, I should remember the acronym (DNRMA), or "does not require my assistance." I'm sure the world and me would both be happier.

Until tomorrow, sleep tight.


An Irish Friend of Bill said...

(DNRMA), or "does not require my assistance."

Thanks for that 2Dogs! I didn't know that one..
That will come in handy!

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

Thanks for popping by Ms 2Dogs! but I live in the epicentre of London Town, so that would be a better place to bump into me! Mind you, i am off to a family wedding in ireland in november, so that should be a laugh! Lots of drunk people, and perhaps a punch up? haha one never knows..
but if you are ever passing through London, you are VERY welcome to drop in for a gasbag and a cuppa! tell Meg to come too!
Goodness, you do seem to be a bit of a globetrotter these days! Cool!

therapydoc said...

Hey 2 dogs, if you could just explain that joke. . .

Got anything for the Carnival of All Substances?

Control Freakism would be a great start.

It's July 10, 2007. Thanks. Here's the submission link.


Christine said...

oh shit-----I got it!!!

Gotta love us Alanons
love you