Wednesday, July 11, 2007


These phlox just bloomed; aren't they great?

We watched Iron Jawed Angels today in class, a movie about the American suffragettes. These steely women earned us the right to vote, but not without considerable emotional and physical pain.

U.S. women should watch the film. Many of us don't realize how hard women had to fight in this country to achieve the right to vote. Plus, there's some great acting by Hilary Swank and Mr. McDreamy of Grey's Anatomy fame.

Until tomorrow, have a great day.


msb said...

And don't forget to smell the phlox

Anonymous said...

Phlox Rocks!
Perhaps you could send some to your favorite customer service friend! lol! ;-)

sober jen said...

Phlox does indeed Rox.

i will watch that movie.

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

just popping in to say hi!

Christine said...

how beautiful summer can be