Friday, July 20, 2007


I've been working my tail off with no end in sight until about next Friday. It's all good, but I am so wiped out it isn't even funny. That's why there's been no blog updates.

I did get a call from lovely Ms. Barb today, which is always a pleasure. She was at her favorite place, the dog park. She told me that she took an NA H&I meeting into the county jail a few days ago and ran into one of my sponslings, who had relapsed. I was sponsoring the gal winter and spring 2006 in Arizona. She was a great woman, very sweet and funny, and was plowing through the steps, but I could see her begin to drift away. It's funny, you can tell when they're on their way out quite often, can't you?

I'm usually very gentle with my sponslings. But I do recall telling her pretty flatly if she didn't get back to meetings, stop running with the boys, and work with a new sponsor when I left Arizona, she was going to get loaded. And she did.

Hopefully this will be her bottom. I know I'm glad I hit mine. I watch the newcomers drag in and know--it's not getting any better out there.

Until we meet again, Happy Trails.


msb said...

Thanks for being there. I did follow your advise and did get a sponsor, but 2 dogs, there will NEVER be one like you. I'm glad your just a phone call away.

lushgurl said...

Awww, sponsors are the greatest! Especially the ones like you who are not afraid to tell it like it is! 'Out there' is a scary place to be, and if I didn't have people calling me on my sh*t, I could end up right back there!
Thanx for being...

Syd said...

The dog park is always fun for humans and dogs. Sorry about the sponsee. I'm glad that she had you and maybe after this, she'll heed the advice and be willing to go to any length to give up alcohol.

Christine said...

I hate it when they start pulling away, become unwilling and then unteachable---yeah, i can tell hen its coming. Recovery takes effort and not everyone wants to make such effort, its sad to see 'em go