Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My entry on head butts may have helped

In August the St. Petersburg Times profiled Michael Wiley, 39, of Port Richey, FL, an "enthusiastic driver" despite having lost both arms and half a leg in a childhood accident.

Wrote the Times, "He guides the key into the ignition with his mouth. Turns it with his toes. Shifts with his knee. Bites the headlight switch. Jams his stump of a left arm into the steering wheel and whips it around." On the minus side, his license was revoked long ago, and reckless driving charges flourish, including the latest, one day after the Times story ran. And in September, he was charged with domestic assault, with his head."

Thank God someone's reading my blog. I was beginning to wonder.

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Gwen said...

Thats just craaazy!