Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Old dog can learn new tricks

I forgot to tell you, I now know old dogs can learn new tricks. I thought I had finally outsmarted Romy by putting my meat in the refrigerator in the meat bin. "No way can she open that," I thought. I was wrong. She not only opened the refrigerator when I failed to bungee it, she then pulled open the meat bin and ate a pound of bacon.

This lays waste to the rumor that old dogs can't learn new tricks. With Oz arriving soon, I wonder if she can teach him to open the doors? Some dog trainers say dogs don't learn from one another, but I beg to differ (I don't sit up when I beg, though). I believe dogs learn bad behavior from other dogs that carries an intrinsic reward quite quickly. I'm sure we'll soon see.

Next week I'll be heading to Seattle to visit my brother Fast Eddie then on to Arizona to get Oz and visit my pals. I can't wait. It's cold here today and cloudy. I'm arriving in Arizona at the best time of the year.

Until tomorrow, friends, I'm begging off.

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