Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I can, I can, I think I can

I looked out the window at dusk last night and this critter was sitting in the bird's nest. Then he made his way over to the screen and was winding his way up the feeder. He finally made it, just staring at me when I took his photo. None of them turned out too well. Tomorrow's another day; I'm sure they all be back.
There's a dog in a kennel run near my house, a beautiful golden retriever named Maggie. She's about a year old and as sweet as, well, a Goldie. The owners pay absolutely no attention to her, besides feeding her once a day and about every three days cleaning up after her. She just lies in the sun, the rain, whatever, on cement. She's depressed, I can tell.
Romy and Oz and I visit her regularly. We offered to buy her but the owners said that their son would miss her too much. In the six or seven months she's been there, I've seen him play with her once.
What people don't understand is that sometimes we have to do the unselfish best for the animal, even if it means placing it in another home. We've talked about "disappearing" her; it would really be in her best interest because she could live with at my boyfriend's house with his Goldie, Bailey dog. However, I'm not prepared to pay the karma.
So Maggie sits, day after day, and watches the world go by, chews her dog house or just sleeps. Mostly, she sleeps. I am thinking maybe I should write a letter to the owners and tell them how I feel about that beautiful dog, which I know will pine away if she doesn't get a home with humans who interact with her.
I know you can't save them all, but I'd like to save Maggie. Until tomorrow, say a little prayer that Maggie's owners will see the light and place Maggie in a home with people who want a dog.


Meg Moran said...

oh, now my tummy hurts. We need to form a possee and do something. My god, she's almost my namesake!

Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

You have a heart of gold, N. I know you can't save everybody/things but I really like you to save Goldie. I can't stand it when people treat animals like animals even if it is a dog! They have feelings too, you know. Sheeesh! Why can't people understand.

Don't forget to tell me what happened to Goldie.

Pam said...

Did ya have to break my heart at 5:30 in the morning??
What a loving spirit you have!!! Your visits are probably the highlite of her life.

Christine said...

there is always hope for Maggie, God's got her in His Hands and in your sight