Sunday, May 20, 2007

Nothing but the dog in her!

Just can't keep Meg off a fire hydrant!
I'm in Anaheim for a convention, and fellow blogger Meg picked me up and took me to dinner at the Lazy Dog Cafe in Orange. We had a great time; however, when we left the restaurant, I was quite chagrined to have to pull Meg off the fire hydrant.
I'm telling you, you can't take us addicts anywhere in public.
Meg, you are a doll. Thanks for checking in with me this year. Your steady insight helps keep me on track.


Christine said...

what fun!

Syd said...

Meg must be an alpha bitch because she lifts her leg. I thought maybe she would squat on the sidewalk.

Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

ound like both of you are having a great times. Never mind about Meg, she has been in worse condition, lol!

Thank you for sharing, N. I wish I could meet you and others in person.

lushgurl said...

yeah, you can dress us up, but you can't take us out...Meg is checking out alternatives to outhouses ya know!