Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'm not the only one who hates Dell

New York's attorney general has filed a deceptive business practices lawsuit against Dell, for, among other things, "failing to provide their customers with adequate customer service." See what an influencer my blog is?

To read the press release, click here.


Anonymous said...

Dell has its problems as any very large company does. Overall Dell is an above average company as large ones rate. I am speaking of business support though.

The few residential customers we have, Dell has come on site(contractor) and replaced DVD Drives, Memory, HDD failures. Support has been good.

One failure does not mean kill the endeavor.

my $0.02 worth. (new stamps are now in effect)


twodogsblogging said...

Greg, thanks for your thoughtful comment. If it were one failure, or two failures, or three, I agree, it does NOT kill the endeavor. However, this happened to me TWICE with on-site support. Dell lied and said they'd send a tech; they refused and send remanufactured memory to replace the faulty memory then took my faulty memory back to refurb to give to some other person sorry enough to buy a Dell. There were about five other issues of customer service I've had with Dell, too.

If it happened to me and consumers in New York, how many others is it happening to?

Now you sound like a computer guy, so think with the left side of your brain. Do you really think the New York AG would be involved if it were ONE failure?

Think about the last big public AG event--insurance agency commissions--you know the one Spitzer rode into the Governor's Mansion on. Was that ONE isolated problem with one brokerage or carrier?

No, it's institutionalized graft that AGs should and do route out. This is what Dell is doing, IMHO. It's bait and switch and let's bamboozle grandmas who just want to email their grandkids and business people who don't have time to mess with it.

Dell is very sad product in my opinion. But I'm more than happy to publish your response and hope you have a great day. You sound like a fine person.

vicariousrising said...

You know what? I am both in NY state and VERY cranky with Dell over customer service over a mobile broadband connection issue with my new laptop. It is still unresolved and I spent a bunch of time on the phone. They kept passing off the problem on everyone else. I had a wonderful 2 hour phone conversation with someone at Cingular/AT&T who was terrific and very helpful and even got on the phone with Dell Tech Support with me to no avail.

I think I may just join this lawsuit. I'd been pretty happy with Dell up until this point, but they have been not just bad but AWFUL this go around.

Thanks for the link, TwoDogs!

Anonymous said...

N-ville is all abuzz with this news since there is a gigantic Dell plant here. It was about 3/4 of the local news last night for this story.
Both my gf and I have Dell's. She has spent hours with them on the phone when we moved due to some kind of problem with setting her computer back up. She went through about three techs I think, before she got one who could even figure out what she was talking about without getting snotty with her.
I don't have any trouble with mine--thank G-d.
Nice of you to publish that dude's comment. You can expect many, many more since you linked to the article.....;-)
You're so right--that's what AG's do and not for one or two incidents.
Peace, girl, Peace,

Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

Thanks for the head up about Dell. No, I don't use Dell but I should be careful next time whether it's Dell or something else.

Anonymous said...

o.k, this is just too weird. Last night after we got home from a meeting, my gf returned to a completely blank computer. After three hours (no shit, 3 hours)on the phone with Dell, she finally got some semblance of order on it, but still cannot use her internet connection. She gave up until later today when she has another 3 hours free.
Just thought it was kind of ironic.