Thursday, August 03, 2006

A thoughtful response to my Mel-bashing blog

First, let me say that I'm not bashing Mel Gibson. If people judged me by the things that I said when I had been drunk, not one person on earth would speak to me. Except maybe my dad, but he's not on earth any longer. As a guy said in a meeting the other night, "Why is anyone surprised about what Gibson said when he was drunk? It only shows how ignorant the world is about alcoholism." That's what we do -- we get drunk and shoot off our mouths. Some of still do it sober. (I try to use my blog; it doesn't always keep me from shooting my mouth off elsewhere, unfortunately.)

But I do have to have something to blog about, so why not poke fun at one of the world's richest guys? That's what this blog is often about -- life's absurdity.

I did receive a beautiful response to my rant and decided I would publish it here, because I could never have said so elequently what this reader said. I quote it in its entirety with a few inserts for clarity.

"I like Mel Gibson," the response said. "I would like to say just this. We all may learn to be better people from this.

1. He was making a series for TV on [the] Holocaust. Now TV rejected the program. How many Jews are going to benefit from that!?! There are logical decisions and then there are emotional decisions and this is [an] emotional decision so typical from liberal media. Nobody is going to benefit from this emotional decision. It sure feels good but there is no benefit, just damage. [The] logical decision would be to let him make the series. Many would benefit by Gibson doing this program, including Mel, who obviously is fighting his demons, his dark side which we all have in one form or the other.

2. [When] drunk he expressed that in his heart [there] is antisemitism. [It's] a horrible thing.

3. We all have turmoil in our hearts, and often there is conflict between what we think and what we do. That only makes us human. I mean [a] better human. All men would like to sleep with 100s of attractive women, but most of them are monogamous after all. To me it is very simple. I judge people according to how they act. If we would [be] judged on what is in our heart, we would all be found despicable.

4. It is funny also, that Mel said what [the] liberal media, which is condemning him so hysterically, are saying about Jews ALL THE time. But when [a] conservative filmmaker, who ought to be liberal (!) says that, then they wet their pants from excitement; let's get that bastard conservative (ought to be liberal) anti-Semite. Or it is just about diverting attention from other issues? Like that Pakistani Islamo fascist [who] shot seven Jewish women, killing one, in Seattle? Tell me what is more important -- this or that Mel Gibson got drunk and said something stupid?!!!!!?

I like Mel Gibson; he is "human". Probably better then most of us."

Until tomorrow, dear readers, let's all reflect a little on what would make each of us a better human. Right now, especially, it seems so important.

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