Friday, December 15, 2006

Switched to Beta

Last night the blog was converted to Beta. I am trying to monitor to ensure things are going well, but hang in there. Also note I have lost the formatting in some old blog entries. I am trying to redo them but if you read some older blog entries, they may have no paragraphs. Thanks for your patience. I dreaded this conversion but it went very smoothly other than these small glitches.

Yesterday was another good day. A woman from a women's meeting I go to came over for coffee. She reminds me so much of me, the way she dresses, she's about the same age, she's had some similar health issues and she's going to graduate school (I'll be starting in January). We spent a few hours chatting and it was really nice. She only lives a few blocks away, she's a dog lover, and hey, looks like I have a new friend.

Last night two of my program friends came over to 1) help me organize my office (try having ADD and all your office furniture in another state!) and 2) hook up surround sound on my stereo. They worked a total of over eight hours, refused to take any money, and in short really helped me out.

It's amazing how much our program friends provide. Not only do they offer an ear if we're down, if something isn't working, most of my friends would drop about anything to try to help. I am really blessed by the people in my life.

My s/o took the day off today so that we can shop for Christmas. We're heading to the nearest bigger city to shop and I'm looking forward to it. Having said that, I have two black muzzles waiting for walkies, so I'd better head out. Until tomorrow, take it as it comes, but take it clean!


twodogsblogging said...

I am testing the posting function. There's some buzz that there are problems posting. Have a great day!

meg moran said...

Glad you've got a new homegirl so close by...I love that line in the BB "We will be provided the fellowship we used to crave"...

Damn...I wish we all lived closer and could share a coffe and rub those little doggie muzzles on a rainy afternoon. Have fun shopping!

Anonymous said...

I am taking it clean.