Saturday, January 13, 2007

German shepherds rule!

This is what trainers call a "bad bite."

Below is an example of a "good bite."
Buffy, a seven-year old German shepherd in Oakland, California, may have saved her owner's life when she ran out to greet him as he exited his car in his driveway on Wednesday. A robber approached the man at about the same time and demanded his wallet. Buffy wasn't up with that, so she tried to bite the robber, sending him fleeing, and took a bullet in the leg for her efforts. According to the Oakland Tribune, Buffy lived, but may lose her leg.

"She won't let children fight each other, she won't let me get too close to my husband if we're play-fighting. She's against violence, period," according to the dog owner's wife.

I'm against violence, too. Until last year, I've mainly lived away from the city on acreage, alone. My German shepherds, who I know in my heart and who my trainer has agreed "Would take a bullet for me," give me peace of mind in an increasingly crazy world.

We're stuck in the middle of an ice storm and the front yard, steps and drive are sheets of ice. I took Romy out this morning for her constitutional and watching her legs going in four different directions was hilarious. I finally grabbed her rear and guided her up the front steps. She's never been in ice before and you could tell she was trying to figure out what was up, or down, in her case as she slipped and slid and fell a few times.

We're tiling the floor still today, so this entry will be short and sweet. Keep commenting; I love to hear from readers and it makes me at times reconsider my point of view. It also allows me to visit other blogs to see where the recovery action is. Until tomorrow, it's four paws up for Buffy!

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