Thursday, January 04, 2007

God Calling journal

I've mentioned my favorite daily meditation book, God Calling, the book on which our Twenty-Four Hour a Day book is fashioned. We were at the bookstore last night and as I looked in the poetry section, my s/o mogged around the religion section and found me a gift. It's the God Calling Daily Devotional Journal.

It is a lovely leather book with gold leaf. It has the daily reading, space to write one's thoughts about the reading, and a Bible promise to go with it. I've used the God Calling devotional for many years, having stumbled across it somehow in my many spiritual travels in bookstores and it's simply, to me, the best devotional around. Recalling that it was written in the 1930s and edited by someone other than the two "listeners," some of the readings may require several readings to fully grasp their meaning. It's worth it, though, because the beautiful comfort found in the pages of God Calling surpasses most of the daily readings I see on bookshelves today.

It's available at if you can't find it anywhere else. I highly recommend it.


SCoUt said...

With my Mother being a Pastor and all, and having been raised between her and a Jewish father who wouldn't practice his religion until his later life, and adding in a snot-ass private Lutheran Prep schooling, I just cannot get with any bible stuff. Some of it is even on my 4th Step. But I am always happy for people who find G-d and the grace of G-d WHEREVER G-d speaks to them.
Thanks for an inspirational post. BTW, when is YOUR mediation book coming out?

SCoUt said...

Still waiting on the answer to that meditation book question......