Tuesday, March 13, 2007

God has a sense of humor

So last night I'm waiting for my plane at the airport in Charlotte and I run across a bank of rocking chairs. Almost all of them are full as people rock away but I spy an empty one. I ask the women rocking if it was taken and she says "No." So down I sit and commence rocking.

Because we're both women, we start talking about our travel delays, mine self-imposed (paying a stupid tax) and hers a result of bad weather in Newark. Soon our talk gets around to the important stuff, family, kids, what we do for a living. I ask her what she does after she asks me what I do. It turns out she's a marriage and family counselor.

Isn't God funny? Just fifteen minutes before sitting down next to her I'm stewing about my relationship and wishing I could go to an AA meeting and out of all the rockers I sit down next to a therapist rocker. God always sends me Eskimos.

I didn't disclose much to her, after all, she's on vacation, but I felt better just meeting a nice spirit. I caught the 8:30 flight and my cousin and my aunt, who is 89, met me at the airport. We talked the entire 90 minute drive to my cousin's house. So the day was ended well, as any day I don't drink or use does.

Today we did some touring and cooking and mostly sat around and talked. The seafood here is awesome and fresh. Until tomorrow when I'll post some Charleston pics, have a great day.


lushgurl said...

Yup my HP has a sense of humour too, He closed the liquor store I used to frequent...
I hope the rest of your (vacation?) is filled with love and laughter!

Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

I love this line; the day was ended well, as any day I don't drink or use does.

Have a 'nice' day in Charleston.

Anonymous said...

A therapist rocker---that cracked me up.
Waiting on your pics.

vicariousrising said...

Those rockers sound cool. What a great idea. It sounds like it worked wonders for you.

I'm so jealous... Charleston is a wonderful city. It's been ages since I went there, but it is a very lovely city to walk around in.

I hope you are still having a wonderful time.