Sunday, March 25, 2007

Another day for gratitude

I'm still recovering from the sinus infection from hell so I spent most of the past three days on the couch watching some of the weirdest movies HBO or SHO can shovel. Every time I lie down my head fills up like a water balloon, so I just lean back on the couch and watch movies and snooze. This evening I'm just starting to feel like maybe my head won't fall off, so there is hope, I think.

Recall that I wrote a few days ago about one of my sponslings relapsing. I had a phone call tonight from her husband and she's in county jail with a new possession charge. I remember once my mother telling me that the only time she slept well was when I was in jail and I thought she was crazy. However, I admit that once I received the call, I felt more at peace because at least now I know she's not ripping and running, she's safe.

I am going to try to call her P.O. tomorrow to advocate for a long-term treatment program instead of prison. She's such a sweet girl that it hurts my heart to see her go back to prison, but maybe that is her bottom. I know I can take that one extra step to see if I can help her, but after that, I am at peace with the outcome. If she goes back to prison, odds are I'll be here when she gets out.

There isn't much news other than that. My boyfriend hung Romy's door and just for fun before I locked her out of the kitchen, she opened the refrigerator. One last hurrah, I guess. At least she didn't get the pecan sandies.

Tomorrow I start working in earnest on my training project. I am grateful today for many things. I'm grateful for a beautiful spring day, a boyfriend who takes care of me like I'm the Holy Grail, a fun Hungarian movie, a few pecan sandy cookies, for my blogger friends who give me electronic "atta-girl" even when I'm crazy, but most of all, for another day clean.

Until tomorrow, namaste.


Meg Moran said...

I was a walking sinus infection when I was using the slightest cold brings gratitude. Imagine gratitude for snotty kleenex...go figure! Your sponsee is in her private hell I'm sure, I'll send a prayer up for her. Oh, and for Romy too as she contemplates the new obstacle in her path to nirvana.

msb said...

I have been suffering with a sinus all week too. Just finished some antibiotics but still hurts. I've been whiney all week and now I grateful I jast have a sinus infection.

lushgurl said...

Hey, by any chance, is Romy the dog of an alcoholic? LOL One last Hurrah!! you crack me up!
I think it is so cool to be able to love your sponsling but detatch at the same time. You rock gurl!
Feel better real soon...HUGS

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank G-d the pecan sandies were saved! I think I would have wrestled Romy for them because no way would my pecan sandies be going down -- unless it was down MY throat! They RULE!
Sinus infections can be so, so miserable and painful. I sincerely hope you feel better soon.