Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Wait a little longer

When I was little, my mother had a special verse she would say to me when I wanted to do something all my older brothers were doing. "Wait a little longer 'til your little wings grow stronger, then you'll fly, fly away," she'd tell me.

My second year clean I decided to move from Phoenix back to Oakland to attend college. Oakland was where I had done the worst of my using. She and my Dad were clearly worried that if I went there, I wouldn't be able to stay clean, but they seemed reticent to talk to me about it.

Mom and I were sitting in armchairs one night chatting and I could sense her unease. "Mom," I finally asked, "Are you worried if I move back to Oakland I can't stay clean?"

"Yes," she finally admitted. "Remember what I used to say to you when you were little, "Wait a little longer . . . "

"'Til your little wings grow stronger," I finished for her.

"Right," she said solemnly.

"It's going to be okay, mom, I promise you." And it was. That was twenty years ago and I have kept that promise.

My parents taught me the meaning of unconditional love and for that lesson and many others they taught me, I am so very grateful. If I can be half the person that each of them was, I will be satisfied.


woof said...

Some things in life remain constant.

The message found in "words of wisdom" never changes over the passage of time.

Thanks for sharing. Very nice post.

lushgurl said...

I love that quote from your mom, and isn't it great to feel the unconditional love?
Today I do my very best to give that love unconditionally to my own daughter, I tell her " No matter where you go, no matter what you do, I want you to remember, that I will always love you"
Thank you for reminding me that I am doing the right thing (by her) today...
love and HUGS

SCoUt said...

What a sweet post.
Everything that I ever do in my life that is kind or tenderhearted started with my father.
Isn't it great to have good parents?

Meg Moran said...

when they do "fly fly away" it brings a whole new aspect of surrender. Your mamma and daddy had couragous and loving hearts to let you fly

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

Aaah bless. Your mom sounds LOVELY. What a cool person!