Sunday, March 04, 2007

Romy gives Oz a few refrigerator-raiding tips

"See that bungie cord? I spit in its pate! If you just squeeze between the wall and the side of the refrigerator, put your shoulder into it and PUSH! voila! the bungie cord loosens and it's gravy! Sometimes literally! Cheez it, it's Mom!"


lushgurl said...

Yup , they look like they are conspiring about Something!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Are they going to let me near that steak?

btw - that pic of the bending lady is still gross - lol

Rex said...

awwww, they look so sweet and could they ever raid the fridge?

Meg Moran said...

there is a full on plot brewing there..........

Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

Intelligent too, plotting mischievously.

With that sweet innocent looked, I couldn't get mad, could you, TwoDogs?

Thanks for the emails.

Anonymous said...

Very cute pic, but how did they get on the other side of the new door? lol!

Anonymous said...

Great comment you left on my blog today about balancing blogs.yeah.
We who have s/o need to be considerate about what we share don't we? You are so right.
Thanks for that.
And I LOVE your dogs.
I used to have a german shepherd too..she was a big teddy bear :)